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COVID19 Update: We are OPEN!

Happy Dog Spot will remain OPEN during our regular hours of operation for Boarding, Daycare, and Bathing services.

COVID19 Update: Curbside Service Only!

For the safety of our Clients and Staff, all drop-offs and pick-ups will remain Curbside.  Our office will be closed to visitors.

COVID19 Update: Reservations

Please call 314-963-7297, email or submit an online request to make your reservations.

COVID19 Update: Cancellations

We request at least 24 hour notice for cancellations. Cancellations can be submitted via email or voicemail 24 hours a day.

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Long time alone? Excessive barking or chewing? Let your dog burn off some steam and meet new friends!

Benefits of Daycare

  • Socialization
  • Exercise and active engagement through ball or water play
  • Positive reinforcement of basic skills
  • Safe, fun environment
  • 15,000 square feet indoor/outdoor play space
To ensure the health and safety of dogs in our care, each dog must meet specific enrollment requirements prior to making a daycare reservation.

We also do Boarding!Learn More >>

Daycare Rates

  • Daycare Evaluation - $30
  • Daily Rate - $30
  • Additional Dog (Same Household) - $22
  • Lunch Service (dogs over 8 months of age) - $3

Multi-visit Packages

  • 5 Visits - $140 - $28/day
  • 10 Visits - $270 - $27/day
  • 20 Visits - $520 - $26/day

All packages expire 6 months from date of purchase. Rates effective January 1, 2022.

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We provide a fun, safe place where your dog spends the day exercising and playing so your pup is ready for tuck-in at bedtime.

All-Inclusive Boarding

  • Daycare activity included
  • Mid-day nap time

     on Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday schedules only

  • Full-size kennel suites complete with cot (4ft X 5ft, 4ft X 8ft, and 5ft X 8ft accommodations)
  • Two feedings per day
  • Sunday pick-up times available
  • Bedtime tuck-in and treat
To ensure the health and safety of dogs in our care, each dog must meet specific enrollment requirements and pass a temperament evaluation before booking a boarding reservation. The opportunity to become familiar with our staff and facility prior to an overnight stay encourages a positive experience and helps to reduce the anxiety sometimes associated with traditional boarding.

We also do Grooming!Learn More >>

Boarding Rates

  • Nightly Rate - $55
  • Half Day Boarding Rate - $28
  • Holidays - Add $10
  • Special Needs or Care Required - Additional charge applies
  • Medication administration fee - $2 per day
  • Standard Kennel Diet - $3 per day
  • Canned Food - Additional charge applies
  • Bedtime Treat - Included
  • Probiotic Supplement - $1.50 per dose
  • Fleece Bedding Rental - $5
Dogs scheduled for pick up after 9:00am will charged the Half Day Boarding Rate.

Trial Boarding Night

  • Happy Dog Spot offers a Trial Boarding Night to help to alleviate any anxiety you or your dog may have about boarding for the first time prior to an extended stay.
  • Trial Night is scheduled Monday - Thursday by appointment only. Owner must be in town and available for pick up between 8 - 8:30pm if deemed necessary.
  • Trial night dogs not picked up by 9am will be added to the daycare schedule and charged accordingly.
  • Each dog must first pass the temperament evaluation and trial day of daycare prior to scheduling a Trial Night.

Boarding Extras

Schedule a departure service before your pup is picked up so he will be fresh and clean after all that playtime.

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Boarding rates effective for Check-in after January 1, 2022.



Let us give your dog a little spruce up after a day of playing or an overnight stay.

Full Service Bath and Brush

Our Full Service Bath and Brush includes the following services:

  • Massaging Shampoo
  • Conditioning Rinse
  • High-Velocity Blow Dry
  • Hand Brushing
  • Trimming of Feet
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Nail Trim with Grinding
  • Ear Cleaning
Call to schedule an appointment today.

Bathing Rates

  • < 30 lbs - $30 - $45
  • 30 – 49 lbs - $40 - $60
  • 50 – 79 lbs - $50 - $75
Over 80 lbs and Giant Breeds are quoted on a case by case basis.

Published bathing rates are only a guide. Actual charges may vary from visit to visit depending on length of coat, density of undercoat, matting, and dog's cooperation.

Full body cuts and Tidy trims with our groomer are quoted on a case by case basis.

De-Shedding Treatment

Our De-Shedding Treatment takes the Full Service Bath & Brush a few steps further. Special shampoo and conditioner helps to release the undercoat and improve overall coat condition. Additional steps are taken throughout the bathing process to remove more of the undercoat and reduce excess shedding.

  • Up charge to Bath Brush Service - $15 - $35


  • Nail Trim (includes grinding) - $20
  • Nail Trim (difficult) - $25 - 30
  • Trim Feet - as quoted
  • Anal Gland Expression - $15
  • Teeth Brushing - $15
  • Specialty Shampoo/Conditioner - $5 upcharge
  • Extra Brushing/De-matting - as quoted

Call 314-963-PAWS (7297) for Appointment


At Happy Dog Spot, we want you and your dog to feel like family. You want what’s best for your dog, and we do too.

Happy Dog Spot has watched over our two greyhounds since 2007.  We have used the daycare and overnight boarding services regularly.  We know our dogs are tended to personally as they love going there.  The staff at HDS know the personalities and needs of our dogs and go out of their way to accommodate them and us…  We are very fortunate to have found great friends and support at HDS.

Keith W. & Carmen Q.

We could not have found a more friendly, affordable place to leave our dog during extended family vacations. Happy Dog spot offers a clean friendly environment with lots of play time and space to run and play. The awesome staff  is always friendly and caring with all the dogs and their owners. I always walk away assured that my dog will be well cared for as if she were one of their own.

Sara W.

While we’re at work, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that our Yorkie dog is in a safe and secure environment.  As he is a rescue dog, he is now much happier and healthier since coming to HDS.  We can’t thank the staff enough for their time and attention they give him and us.  He really enjoys his time there and is a very happy dog when he comes home after a busy day of play.

Phil H.

Kairo is not only happy after his day at Happy Dog Spot, but he is thoroughly exhausted—he comes home ready to eat his dinner and naps while we eat ours!  The staff at HDS have taught him to be more obedient, as well as his increased social skills with the other dogs give us total peace of mind.  We LOVE everyone at HDS!!

Linda H.

Genny gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot that she literally drags me up the stairs and runs into the back with hardly a backward glance at me. Tracy, Copper, Diane, and all the staff genuinely love our girl, and you can tell! She has stayed at HDS probably a couple dozen times, and I continue to be very pleased.

K. Hite

Clean, Positive Environment

We designed our 10,000 square-foot facility in Rock Hill to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable experience for all types of dogs. Our unique design allows for dogs to be separated into different play groups based on play-style and temperament.  Each play group is escorted to one of our outdoor play yards on a regular schedule through out the day. We focus on lots of stimulating, interactive play for your dog. Game of fetch anyone?

Personalized Care

We personalize care at Happy Dog Spot. Every day, we create a play space for both active socializing and quiet relaxing. Our staff takes the time to get to know your dog’s personality and individual needs. We evaluate every dog to make sure Happy Dog Spot is a good fit, and create a personalized care plan that works for you and your pup.

Safe, Structured Play

With certified veterinary technicians and experienced attendants on staff, we provide safe, structured care for dogs of all personalities and social skills. Stop by anytime to check out the fun!

Great Choice for your Family

At Happy Dog Spot, we want you to feel confident in your dog’s well-being and quality of care. We offer the same benefits to all dogs:

  • Experienced, personalized care
  • Certified vet techs on staff
  • Low dog-to-staff ratios
  • Safe, comfortable indoor and outdoor play
  • Comprehensive daycare, boarding, and bathing services

Admission Requirements

Is Happy Dog Spot is the right spot for you and your dog? 

  • Complete Online Enrollment Form to schedule an evaluation and trial day of Daycare
  • Documentation of Vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Influenza)
  • Negative Fecal within the last 6 months
  • Puppies should be at least 12 weeks old and have minimum of 3 rounds of puppy shots
  • Dogs older than 8 months of age must be spayed or neutered
  • Pass a temperament evaluation

Our Staff

Our staff includes certified veterinary technicians  and experienced attendants who love dogs and want to provide a great experience for your family.  Our staff takes the time to get to know your dog’s personality and individual needs, then creates a personalized care plan that works for you and your pup.
We look forward to meeting you!

Tracy Adams


Since Happy Dog Spot owner Tracy was a little girl, she knew she wanted to work with animals. Growing up, her family had many pets: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and other animals her mother raised in her kindergarten classroom.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Kansas, Tracy worked for several years at Washington University on the Human Genome Project. Her career then took her to Orion Genomics where the company focused on plant genomics and cancer diagnostics. As a program manager, she learned how to run a business while working with a strong team. But she did not stop thinking about her dream to work with animals. In 2007, she used her business experience, years of volunteering as a Veterinary Technician at a local animal hospital and her science background to open Happy Dog Spot. Her philosophy was simple: provide an open, caring environment for dogs using a great team of experienced staff.

Tracy knows every dog has different needs. Some dogs want active, social play, some want quiet relaxation, and some want both! She designed Happy Dog Spot to fit most dog’s needs, with plenty of space to run around both indoors and out, and a quiet area for rest and relaxation. All dogs at Happy Dog Spot enjoy interactive, personalized care. She and the team take time to get to know every dog’s personality and design a daycare and boarding experience that works well for each dog.

Tracy loves the Happy Dog Spot community, and the families have given back to her in times of need. In 2010, Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment. She is humbled and amazed at the support from her Happy Dog Spot families and friends.

Tracy's black lab Maggie, though completely blind, often greets clients in the office with a happy face and a wagging tail.







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